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History is Best as Historical Fiction

Elsie and Elsa Book Review

Ronn Perea
September 2020   16340 views

Route 66 Magazine Book Review

Elsie and Elsa Book Review by: Alan Carlson

Ronn Perea
June 2019   19688 views

JFK, Jim Morrison, and the Hidden ABQ

An Albuquerque the Magazine Book Review by: Taylor Hood

Ronn Perea
June 2019   17935 views

An Interview with Author Ronn Perea

Elsie and Elsa Review by KL Wagoner - SouthWest Writers

Ronn Perea
October 2018   22375 views

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Elsie & Elsa by Ronn Perea

Ronn Perea
October 2018   25969 views

About the Author

Ronn Perea, also known as the Godfather of New Mexico Comedy, is celebrating his 33rd anniversary in the Comedy Club business! Ronn has been a proud member of the Southwest Writer's Club for decades.  Ronn is also a Public Speaker!  He newest release Elsie & Elsa, a historical fiction  is now available! 

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