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Elsie & Elsa

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-62815-743-7

Print Book ISBN: 978-1-62815-744-4

A new historical novel from southwest author, Ronn Perea

1943 - 1975

During the mid-20th Century, many historical events occurred in the American Soutthwest that shaped the lives of many families.  This story brings to light those events and the people that changed the course of history.

Southwest New Mexico History Novel Book

We will visit the WWII secret prisoner of war camps, plus inside scenes from the Santa Fe American Japanese Internment camp and it's ally...

Then, there's the atomic bomb espionage, the embryonic birth of technology, the Pope, the President, movie stars, celebrities and a future rock-n-roll sex god.

As this story takes place a life shaping relationship will grow between two high school girls Elsie and Elsa.

You will want to pass this book on to your next generation...

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