Ronn Perea, also known as the Godfather of New Mexico Comedy, is celebrating his 33rd anniversary in the Comedy Club business! Ronn has been a proud member of the Southwest Writer's Club for decades.  Ronn is also a newly minted TEDx Speaker!  He is currently finishing his next novel Elsie & Elsa and anticipates its release for Fall 2017. 

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Ronn Perea Tedx Public Speaker Comedy Club in ABQ

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Smiles, Giggles & Laughs

Comedy club producer, Ronn Greco, takes his show on the road over Route 66, “America’s Mother Road,” revealing secrets from behind the scenes of the industry during its heyday. A true pioneer of the comedy club stage, Ronn builds the comedy business from the ground up while faced with tragedy, victory, and romance, leaving an incredible trail of smiles, giggles, and laughs all the way from the American Southwest to the Pacific coast.

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The Email Tango

Musical Cabaret producer, Peter Arias, bachelor days are over.  He wants to get married and, having inherited dancing genes from his mom and pop, he figures a good place to meet women is at dance clubs where he unexpectedly becomes seduced by the 'Tango.'  But, after a misadventure with a local lady, he gets drawn into the addiction and allure of pursuing romance with women of the world.  He communicates with them via the new method called email and travels far and wide in search of his permanent tango partner.

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New Book Launch | Ronn Perea New Book Release in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fall 2017

Elsie & Elsa

1943 - 1975

Many INTERNATIONAL historical events occured in this era that no one knows about.  Elsie & Elsa are two high school girls who grow up together in the middle of, and without realizing the historical events that are occuring around them.

E & E and family experience aliens, an invention called the laptop computer, the day the sun rose twice (the Trinity Explosion), World War II prisoner concentration camps, and how can we forget International Rock n Roll, and the contribution to man's highest accomplishment...via NASA.  Plus...plus...so much more that you don't even know about...

You will want to pass this book on to your next generation...

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