Theodore Roosevelt visits the Alvarado Hotel in Albuquerque during his 1912 Presidential Campaign


In his campaign for President of the United States in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt came to the new 47th state, New Mexico. The main hub was the Alvarado Hotel in Albuquerque.

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A Harvey Girl's Memories and the Demolition of the Alvarado Hotel

September 1972

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Secret History of Albuquerque New Mexico - Route 66

Elsie and Elsa: Historical Fiction by Ronn Perea

Author - Historian - Public Speaker

Author, Ronn Perea's Historical Fiction "Elsie and Elsa" is for Southwest History Buffs who enjoy tales about Extraterrestrials, Entertainment and Espionage in the Land of Enchantment...

Who would have ever thought two ordinary Albuquerque girls turned Rosie the Riveters, Elsie and Elsa, could have so much international history happen all around them in the great American Southwest and not even be aware of it!

New Mexico History Novel - History of Albuquerque

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Ronn Perea, also known as the Godfather of New Mexico Comedy, is celebrating his 37th anniversary in the Comedy Club business! Ronn has been a proud member of the Southwest Writer's Club for decades.  Ronn is also a Public Speaker about the History of New Mexico.  He is currently promoting his new historical fiction novel: Elsie & Elsa!


Elsie and Elsa Historical Fiction Albuquerque New Mexico History

  History of New Mexico: Enjoy a Walk Through History with Ronn Perea...

The Day the Russians Stole the Atomic Bomb Secrets - Spy House Albuquerque

June 2, 1945: David Greenglass met with Harold Gold, a Russian courier, to exchange the atomic bomb secrets at 209 N High St in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Click the link below to get the minute by minute account of the event from Author and Historian, Ronn Perea...

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Kirk Douglas shot favorite movie Lonely are the Brave in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kirk Douglas made 90 films. He reminisced that his favorite movie of all of them was the contemporary cowboy and his horse opera called LONELY ARE THE BRAVE.

The film company called its headquarters the Western Skies Hotel...

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Elsie and Elsa

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-62815-743-7

Print Book ISBN: 978-1-62815-744-4

1943 - 1975


During the mid-20th Century, many historical events occurred in the American Sou

thwest that shaped the lives of many families.  This story brings to light those events and the people that changed the course of history.

We will visit the WWII secret prisoner of war camps plus inside scenes from the Santa Fe American Japanese Internment Camp and its secret allies.

Then, there's the atomic bomb espionage, the embryonic birth of technology, the Pope, the President, movie stars, celebrities and a future rock-n-roll sex god.

As this story takes place a life shaping relationship will grow between two high school girls Elsie and Elsa.

You will want to pass this book on to your next generation...

244 pages of history you did not know!

If you buy Elsie and Elsa here, Ronn will personally autograph it and send it to you.

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Historical Fiction Albuquerque, New Mexico


Historical Fiction by Author Ronn Perea New Mexico Historian

Historical Fiction by Author Ronn Perea Albuquerque Historian

Very good book. Took me a couple of chapters to get into it, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend the book.

Nancy Williams Laird



Publishers - Speaking Volumes has purchased the rights to Smiles, Giggles & Laughs (2nd Edition: How I Got My Kicks on Route 66) and The Email Tango and will be releasing 2nd editions of each.

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Comedy club producer Ronn Greco takes his show on the road over America's Mother Road, Route 66, revealing the behind-the-scenes secrets of the comedy club industry during its heyday. Greco creates comedy club stages where once there were none and fills the American Southwest with laughs. He finally dips his toes into the Pacific. Along the way and through the years we witness the tragedies and glories, romances and passions, and the business and adventures of comics as they come in and out of their producers life.

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The Email Tango

Musical Cabaret producer, Peter Arias, bachelor days are over.  He wants to get married and, having inherited dancing genes from his mom and pop, he figures a good place to meet women is at dance clubs where he unexpectedly becomes seduced by the 'Tango.'  But, after a misadventure with a local lady, he gets drawn into the addiction and allure of pursuing romance with women of the world.  He communicates with them via the new method called email and travels far and wide in search of his permanent tango partner.

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